13 ways we can help your building project

You’ve probably followed us on social media, but do you know what we do, and how we can help you? From extensions to plumbing, we offer a range of services…

New builds
Whether you’re embarking on a domestic renovation, extension or modernisation project to add value to your home, or doing some building work to a new property, it’s absolutely key to find builders that are trustworthy, have good timekeeping and come with good references. That’s us!

Loft conversions
Do you have extra space in your loft or attic? Loft conversion is one of the most common ways of adding extra living space to your home. We’re happy to come and assess the space in your loft before advising you on what you could realistically achieve with loft conversion. Our experience in loft conversions means we’re likely to have plenty of fresh ideas that you hadn’t thought of!

One of the best ways to add size and space onto your home is by extending. Whether you choose to extend to the side, the rear, the front or even upwards, house extensions add more than just value to your home. House extensions add scope, space and size. You may think that your home isn’t suitable for a house extension. Why not ask a trusted builder like K Design and Build? Any good building company should be able to assess your property and point out areas in which you can extend to add a room or more. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to see the potential your home holds for house extensions. 

K Design and Build are experienced in kitchen designs, kitchen fit and kitchen renovation and we understand what a difference a good kitchen design can make to a home.

K Design and Build think you should be comfortable in your bathroom – after all, it’s probably the first room you go to in the morning and the last room you visit at night before bed. Bathroom designs are about so much more than your choice of bathroom suite and fittings. We have seen intelligent bathroom designs transform a bathroom into a room you’ll want to show off. Underfloor heating, hidden pipework, beautiful tiling, gorgeous flooring and clever use of lighting and mirrors make the difference between standard bathroom designs and spectacular ones. We can advise you on the latest bathroom designs, materials and fittings to create a room you’ll be proud of. 

Carpentry is often included in general building skills when, in truth, it is a master craft which needs a master craftsman. We’re lucky enough to have a quality carpenter as a key member of the team. So, from sheds, summer houses, chalets and outhouses, to staircases, doors, external features and more, we can help.

Without a sound roof, the safety and integrity of any building is under threat. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to the upkeep of your roofing throughout the seasons. We offer specialist building services, including carpentry and roofing, and subcontract to trusted sources for roofing services such as hot felt roofing, tiling, flat roofing and roofing repairs. 

Modernisations can transform your home from an outdated, uncomfortable or even unsafe property into a domestic dwelling you’ll be proud to show off to guests. We can assess your property free of charge and give you great advice based on our knowledge and experience of domestic modernisations. We can transform your house in terms of extra living space, more user-friendly bathrooms and kitchens, more storage space and more!

There’s nothing nicer than handing over the job of decorating to the professionals. You won’t have to spend the time decorating and you won’t need to find all the necessary ladders, brushes and rollers. Not to mention the fact that you’ll avoid the shoulder ache! So why not let us to do it?

Garden and patios
A garden patio is one of the best ways to modernise or brighten up your garden. We offer groundworks as part of our services, and will happily come and assess your garden to advise on the size and shape of garden patio which would best enhance your home.

So many domestic building projects incorporate electrical installation, modernisation or rewiring. It makes sense to find a trusted building company who can offer qualified electrician services as part of the package. That’s exactly how we work…

Plumbing is a critical component of many domestic renovation, extension and refurbishment building projects. We understand the latest in plumbing legislation, meaning you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your building project complies with all the necessary standards for plumbing safety. 

Tiling is often one of the final pieces in the puzzle when it comes to domestic bathroom and kitchen projects. We know how important it is to offer truly professional tiling expertise. We can advise on tiling design, materials and sources, often giving you access to a range of tiles, colours and tiling materials which are not available to domestic customers. We can talk you through all the tiling options available to you, all you need to do is ask!

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