Bathroom modernisation tips on a budget

Bathroom modernisation tips on a budget

Would you like to give your bathroom a new look but you are on a budget? Modernising your bathroom is one of the best things you can do in your home especially if you do not want the cost of an entire bathroom refit. A contemporary bathroom can completely transform your house and increase the value of your property. Make sure you consider your current bathroom layout before making modernisations. There are many style options and fitting choices available. Your bathroom should suit your needs and be a place to relax and de-stress. We always advise homeowners to make sure the fittings are in proportion with the space. We have put together some cost-effective ways to renovate your bathroom.

Update the lighting

If your bathroom feels dark and gloomy, it’s time to update your lighting. Layers of light in different locations in the bathroom can transform the feel of the space. A dimmer switch can create a modern mellow atmosphere. Remember light fittings should have the correct IP rating to ensure they are safe to install in wet areas.

Update the taps and other fittings

Another option to consider is modernising your bathroom fittings. Install a towel rad instead of normal panel radiator. Replace your shower curtains with a modern glass bath screen. Chrome fittings are modern and can complete the room.


Brighten up your bathroom by painting the walls with a new colour. Light colours can make the bathroom appear fresh. A neutral colour can create a modern feel. You don’t have to choose white; it could be a light shade of grey or beige.

Update the surfaces and tiling

Update your bathroom wall and floor surfaces to create a new look. For a modern feel keep designs simple, in one shade and choose natural coloured tiles. When updating a bathroom it is important to stick to a colour scheme on the floor and walls. Decorative surface designs can add character and works well when you have a large bathroom.

Hang new mirrors

Use reflection to make your bathroom look modern and spacious. Mirrors can create the illusion of space so are a great option for small bathrooms.

Install wall hung units

Create more floor space by hanging your bathroom units. Your bathroom will appear brighter and give the room a contemporary feel. Wall hung toilets can make the room appear less cluttered.

Have you updated your bathroom? Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know by posting below.

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