Benefits of block paving in your driveway

Benefits of block paving in your driveway

Are you considering a new driveway? There are a variety of driveway types available and homeowners can find it difficult to decide which surface option is best for their house. It is important for the driveway to be good quality whilst complementing your property. Here at K Design and Build, we recommend block paving which is made from most commonly concrete and clay.

Here are some reasons why we recommend our clients block paving for their driveway.


Block paving comes in a wide range of colours and styles. There are many finishes available and the blocks can be customised. Also detailed patterns and shapes can be created when laying the blocks.

Low maintenance

Block paving doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to keep the driveway in good condition. This is due to the type of material the blocks are made from. This will save you money, time and you should have fewer repairs in the future. Wash your block paving with just soap and water to keep it clean.


Block paving is hard wearing and extremely durable. It can withstand traffic, harsh weathers and is highly resistant to most chemicals. Block paving gives a good long lasting finish if the subbase and edgings are done well.

Visual appeal

A block paving driveway will enhance the visual appeal of your property. You can completely transform the look of your property. Block paving can create a traditional driveway design or a striking modern style.

Environmentally friendly

Block paving is an environmentally sustainable surface option. The blocks are porous which means the material will absorb rainwater. This will prevent rain water gathering on your driveway and allows natural drainage.

Property value

A new driveway will increase the value of your home. The house exterior is one of the first things people see when they come to your house so your driveway makes a big impact.

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