How to add more natural light into your home

How to add more natural light into your home | Clear View

Letting more light into your home is one of the biggest challenges homeowners face with many rooms not providing the desired atmosphere due to poor lighting or limited daylight entering the property. Read our guide from Clear View to discover the best ways to allow natural light to enter your property.

Use light colours

The colours you choose when decorating won’t just define the look of the room, opting for soft shades of white over busy wallpaper will also help the room look brighter as an off-white shade will reflect the natural light.

The same thing applies to floors, too. Wood or tiled floors with a polished finish will offer more light reflection, or try sticking to light neutrals if you’re going for carpet.

Mirrors and reflective surfaces

Glossy furniture and shiny surfaces will help you reflect light around the room, and mirrors or mirrored accessories can also be used in strategic places near light sources to make the room feel brighter and bigger.

Windows and doors

The biggest difference you can make is to increase the available light with glass doors such as bi-folding doors, allowing for a whole wall to open up into your garden or sliding doors for uninterrupted views. Replacing your windows might also be an option as you can replace bulky frames with a more modern design featuring larger expanses of glass to maximise light.

Outdoor space

If your room looks out onto your garden or outdoor areas, think about how trees or climbing plants might limit the light inside. Trim back the greenery that surrounds your windows and doors to give yourself the best natural lighting possible.

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