Do You Need Planning Permission to Install Shutters?

Do You Need Planning Permission to Install Shutters? | Excel Roller Shutters

Planning permission can be the bane of a homeowner’s life. When you move into your own place, the first thing you want to do is make it exactly that – your own. Small interior adjustments like new flooring, wallpaper/paint and furnishings can be exciting. However, for some improvements, planning permission is required, which can be a very long and stressful process.

When seeking planning permission, you must take into account whether or not everyone in question will agree with the changes you’re wanting to make. For example, your neighbours have a right to appeal against your proposed changes if the project will have an affect on their quality of life. Your local authority may also dispute any works.

There are a number of things that typically require planning permission such as:

  • Conservatories – These can take a lot of time and construction, which in turn generates noise pollution and inconvenience for your neighbours, so permission is often required first.
  • Home Extensions – Like conservatories, home extensions can take a lot of work, meaning there will be dust and bricks scattered around along with the sound of builders’ tools. Then, once it is completed it may be an eyesore, or impact on your neighbours by blocking light, amongst other things.
  • Garages – There aren’t many external improvements that won’t require planning permission, as councils want to ensure those around you are just as happy as you will be with it.

However, an improvement that does not typically require this permission is roller shutters. Providing added security to your home and deterring thieves from the property, roller shutters are considered a value-adding investment. Who can argue with that?

There is a variety of choice as to which shutters or grilles for your home. Although, all of them require a thorough installation process, to ensure they are working correctly. Because of this, it may be worthwhile mentioning to your neighbours that you plan to have these installed, just to avoid any squabbling over the fence.

If you’re looking to improve your home’s security with shutters, you can browse Excel’s range of products here or call them on 0800 1357834.

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