A guide to choosing wide span doors for your renovation

A guide to choosing wide span doors for your renovation | Everglade Windows

Choosing the right doors for your renovation project is an important decision, as it not only provides access points in and out of your home, it can completely transform the look and feel of your property.

Wide span glazed doors are the latest trend amongst homeowners looking to impress, as they add modern, sleek style, along with heaps of daylight and beautiful views to the garden.

While the design possibilities are endless, there are 3 main options to choose from: bifold, sliding and French doors.

Bifold doors fold away to reveal a completely open space

A guide to choosing wide span doors for your renovation

Aluminium bifold doors are a superb choice to open up homes in a phenomenal style as the stylish doors fold away in a concertina style to reveal wide open spaces.

This gives you panoramic view to the garden, and merges your indoors and outdoors in a seamless fashion, ideal if you want to transform your home into the entertaining hotspot amongst your friends and family.

The stunning beauty of aluminium bifold doors is that they also let a glorious amount of sunlight flood in, even when they’re shut!

aїr bifold doors have sightlines as slim as just 108mm, meaning more glass and less frame. As well as this, aїr bifold doors can accommodate glass panels as large as 3 meters tall and can be configured with up to 10 frames, making for a captivating feature that can make a real statement in your home.

The aluminium frames can be sprayed in any RAL colour, and open either inwards or outwards because they are created with precise engineering, giving you total design freedom and the ability to create something unique and perfect for your project.

This makes bifold doors a great choice if you want to completely open up your home, as well as add a contemporary finished look.

Here’s a project our aїr bifold doors were installed in. They are the perfect door choice for this project, as they open up the living space and dining area directly onto the decking, ideal for al fresco dining, and complement the decking to create an indoor outdoor merge.


Effortlessly glide outside through lift & slide doors, or admire your garden through the walls of glass

A guide to choosing wide span doors for your renovation

While bifold doors are a great choice for projects looking to add more space, light and style, sliding doors, or lift & slide doors, also offer such wonderful benefits.

Aluminium lift & slide doors have less framework than bifold doors, creating beautiful walls of glass. This leaves you with simply mesmerising, unobstructed views of your outdoors, and the chance for the sunlight to flood into your entire space.

While lift & slide doors look as pretty as a picture when they’re shut, when open they slide away to give you a wide opening to your outdoors, ideal for enjoying your garden.

All widespan doors offer spectacular aesthetics, but aluminium lift & slide doors look exceptional when installed in large walls.

If your project features a large wall, aïr lift & slide doors can be designed bespoke in impressive sizes to ensure you have maximum beauty.

aïr lift & slide doors can be installed in either single track, double track or triple track, are available in a choice of 2, 3, 4 or 6 pane configurations, and can hold an impressive 300kg of glass per sash, creating a striking glazed feature. The doors are made with strong rollers so they effortlessly glide open with ease. The doors can be moved with just two fingers, so there’s no struggling with aïr doors.

If you’ve got two walls you’d like to open up, you can choose the ‘cornerless’ option. This opens up a space beautifully without any need for posts or interlocks – just stunning cornerless glazing for beautifully captivating views.

Like aïr bifold doors, aïr lift & slide doors can be designed in any RAL colour to best complement the colour scheme of your project.

Here’s a project our aїr lift & slide doors were installed in. The sliding doors, paired with the roof lantern, transform this area into a fabulous place to relax in, making for the perfect light-filled retreat all year round.

A guide to choosing wide span doors for your renovation

As well as aïr lift & slide doors, we also offer aïr sliding doors. Our aïr 20SL minimal frame sliding door has been designed with the slimmest sightlines of just 20mm – that’s less than the width of a 10p – to give homes the most superior views.



French doors add grand glamour and chic style to any project

A guide to choosing wide span doors for your renovation

French doors are a classic door style, and offer your living space a grand entrance to your outdoors.

French doors offer charm and elegance, as well as a beautiful opening. They’re ideal for throwing open once summer kicks in, leading the way out to your garden.

The large glazing French doors offer means that even with the doors closed, the inside of your home will always feel like a summery garden as the natural sunlight shines through.

Everglade French doors are available in either aluminium or uPVC, and can be fitted to open inwards or outwards, depending on the requirements of your home.

To match with your windows or make a stylish contrast, you can choose from a selection of colour options such as White, Light Oak and Rosewood.

A guide to choosing wide span doors for your renovation

Everglade Windows are the exclusive manufacturer of aїr

A guide to choosing wide span doors for your renovation

Everglade Windows is the exclusive manufacturer of captivating and innovative aїr products.

aïr offers home renovation projects boundless possibilities, with impressive engineered products.

We have been manufacturing standout windows and doors for 38 years from our Perivale, London factory. Our factory is also home to our showroom, complete with a dedicated aïrzone where you can be amazed at our stunning products in person.

A guide to choosing wide span doors for your renovation

We specialise in transforming homes across West London, but if you live elsewhere, we can put you in contact with our trustworthy aïr Accredited Retailers.

Call 020 8998 8775 to chat to the home improvement experts at Everglade Windows, email us on home@everglade.co.uk, or drop into our showroom.

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