Is an open plan kitchen layout right for you?

Is an open plan kitchen layout right for you?

Are you redesigning your kitchen? Are you considering an open plan kitchen layout? Your kitchen is a room in your house where you may spend the majority of your time. An open plan kitchen layout is a very popular choice when redesigning your kitchen. Below we have listed some pros and cons of an open plan kitchen layout to help you make your decision.


  • You can spend time together with the family rather than being isolated in the kitchen.
  • An open plan layout can create a brighter atmosphere with lots of natural light due to fewer walls and more windows present in the space.
  • If you have children, you can watch them whilst you are cooking.
  • An open plan kitchen usually gives the sense of volume to the house.
  • It is easier for you to serve food that you have prepared in the kitchen.
  • It can create a space to socialise and allows you to interact with your guests. You can entertain whilst you are cooking and you don’t need to separate the guests in a living space.


  • It could potentially be a big job as it involves structural work, removing walls, plumbing and electrical work to create an open plan kitchen layout.
  • It may be an expensive project to create an open-plan kitchen depending on the existing kitchen layout.
  • With an open kitchen there is little privacy and will display any mess made in the kitchen.
  • Noise and smells will easily spread throughout your home due to the lack of walls separating the kitchen from the rest of the house.

Do you have an open plan kitchen layout? Have you got any advice for homeowners considering one? Post in the comments below.

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