It’s official… building is Sexy

That’s right! According to new research, builders – and building – occupies one of the top 10 sexiest professions in Britain, proving to be more attractive than CEO’s and bankers. Commissioned by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) the research looked at jobs, professions and careers that are seen to be most attractive and admired by the nation’s public. Although we had a strong inkling, our humble trade surprised most when it ranked in the top 10, beating graphic designers and app developers amongst other high-salary suited positions. Apparently us hardworking Brits carry a great deal of sex appeal – something we won’t deny in a hurry!

The research also questioned those working in office jobs about what they really wanted out of life; 20% want to spend more time outdoors, 22% want more control over their working hours and 13% would like to be more physically active. These all come as perks of our job; as builders we get the freedom of flexible hours, plenty of fresh air and vitamin D, with no need for a gym membership – the stuff we lift is heavy enough!

TV builder and FMB member Chris Payne (who’s featured on ITV’s Bad Builders Bang to Rights) commented on the research, saying: ‘These insights suggest that many people in office-testi_img1based jobs feel frustrated with their daily routine; being chained to a desk all day or staring at spreadsheets. It’s part of the reason we feel such warmth towards careers with freedom, variety and the ability to be your own boss.’

Well that’s certainly part of the reason we love this trade. That, and the sex appeal of course.

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