Protecting Your Home at Christmas

Protecting Your Home at Christmas | Excel Roller Shutters

There is a common misconception that burglaries peak around August – prime holiday season. The rational behind this is that homes are more likely to be empty and thus easier to break into. However, this stat is actually wrong, and peak time for burglaries is November to January.

The reason for this is simple – Christmas.

For burglars Christmas is like… well, Christmas. Piles of presents are left under an illuminated tree, lit up like a shop display. And during the Christmas mayhem homes are often left less secure than usual. This makes for easy and lucrative pickings for thieves and burglars. A lot of families even leave piles of presents by the door ready for when they visit their friends or family – by doing so a burglar barely has to enter your home before they can make away with everything.

And this is just the home – the garden shed is a massively popular target, the security of which is often overlooked by families. Bikes are a traditional present at Christmas, and where better to hide them away from the kids, than in the sheds. But bikes can be taken and sold relatively quickly – the chances of recovering it are minimal.

So, what can be done to prevent these immoral people from ruining your Christmas?

It is worth remembering that most burglars are opportunist in nature – if they spot a weakness then they will take advantage of it immediately and be gone before you even knew they were there. So by simply ensuring that you have taken care of obvious weaknesses you can deter most attempts. Keep in mind that nearly half of all burglaries take place from the rear of the house – so whatever you do the front door and windows make sure you do to the back.

Closing and locking all doors and windows, hiding valuables away and switching off your Christmas lights can drastically reduce the chances of a break in.

Then there are always more physical measures that can be taken – installing roller shutters or window bars, security lights and even CCTV visibly demonstrate that you have taken steps to protect your home. Not only will something like roller shutters physically prevent a break in attempt, but they will also deter people from even trying.

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