Quote / unquote: beware!

When it comes to quoting for jobs, we’re sometimes asked why other companies charge less. This isn’t always the case of course, but sometimes the job requirement is such that you need to do things properly. Pay someone to do the job correctly once, or pay someone else to do it twice… that’s our general response.

Here’s a perfect example.

A potential client was planning a two-story extension and had even gained planning consent to do so. He has had new guttering installed but the existing drainage was not intact and was even blocked, which was causing a variety of problems, including flooding.

We undertook an infiltration test for him, which shows how quickly the water disburses. This test also allows the soak away to be calculated properly by waving technical.  To achieve the correct calculation we had to dig a hole of a measured size, which is then shared with waving technical. This is then filled so it’s three quarters full. The trick is to time how long it takes for the water to reduce to from three-quarters full to a quarter. This is then calculated by formula by waving technical, who then relate this data to the project address and previous weather forecast trends to determine the volume of the required soak away.  

In this instance, we found a solid chalk shelf at 1.2m, which meant we had to put in a long, wide shallow soak away, compared to a smaller deeper soak away. This can add a dramatic increase of size and costs, but we advised the client to factor this in, and also allow the new soak away 5m away from the new proposed wall instead of the existing perimeter external wall.  

By thinking outside of the box, we made the soak away future proof for the client. They will not require additional soak away work in the future for the new proposed extension. This will save them doing this soak away again at a later time, therefore saving further cost.  

So, when this client asked us why we cost more than a competitor, we asked them why the competitor was so cheap. Had they allowed for an aqua cell soakaway, or just a hard-core soak away? Hard-core soakaways are a thing of the past and we don’t do this on any of our jobs, as it has been proved they can get easily clogged.  

The moral of the story is, if someone is dramatically cheaper, ask yourself why. More often than not, you pay cheap once you end up doing things twice.

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