Securing Your Home for Christmas

Securing Your Home for Christmas | Excel Roller Shutters

Christmas is one of, if not the, most exciting time of year. Family, food and festive cheer is the perfect way to wind down and recharge your batteries after a long year of hard work. However, Christmas can take a dark turn for some people.

Statistics show that the Christmas period is the worst time of year for domestic burglaries – with around 448 occurring every day across Britain last year. This can make the festive period very frightening, especially for those whose homes aren’t prepared for the worst.

The risk of burglary depends on your area and situation. For many, living in a well maintained, secure area can be a massive benefit. However, for those that live in or around a “rough” area, the risk of burglary increases by around 5.4%. Single-parent families are also at a higher risk, with figures showing an increase of 6.8%. This can be difficult, however there are a number of options a person has to gaining access to these security methods.

For example, Council Housing or Housing Association can offer grants for home security methods, as this not only benefits the tenant but can increase the value of the property as well – depending on your local council, you could be eligible.

With December having the highest burglary rate out of the whole year, it really is now or never to consider security options for your home. So, what can you do?

  • Show Signs of Security There are a number of ways you can do this. Having a sign on your door or front window stating you have a CCTV or alarm system in place will frighten off a common thief. “Beware of the Dog” signs are also known deterrents. Anything that is going to cause complications for a burglar will often leave them thinking “is this really worth it?” before moving onto the next property.
  • Install Roller Shutters – This can seem excessive for a home. After all, a common misconception of roller shutters is that they are large, industrial style doors. However, this is not the case. Steel roller shutters can be manufactured to any size, to fit any door or window of your home. These mechanisms offer maximum protection for a home, acting as a shield over your doors and windows, preventing thieves and criminals from breaking and entering.

We understand that things can be difficult from a financial perspective, especially at this time of year. However, some funding can be available depending on your circumstances and local authority. We recommend researching your postcode on to find out whether your council can help.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about the benefits roller shutters can have to your home, or if you’d like a quote, you can contact Excel Roller Shutters here.

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