The importance of brick matching when extending your house

The importance of brick matching when extending your house

When extending your property it is vital to take into consideration the current house bricks and make sure your new bricks are matching when building any main walls. A new extension should blend in with the existing building. This will make the extension look more authentic which will add value to the house. Brick matching may be a condition of planning permission if you are building in a conservation area or listed property.

Matching bricks successfully can be a challenge at times but builders should work with a range of brick suppliers to find the correct brick for your project. It is essential to find the right size, colour and texture of brick to match. Keep in mind the existing property bricks may have aged during time. Mismatched bricks can negatively affect the overall look of your house.

Here are some factors to consider when sourcing bricks.

For the visual appeal and consistency, the brick size should match the existing property bricks.

The colour of the bricks should be matched. You will need to make sure the bricks are from the same batch so your builder should accurately work out a forecast and timeline.

The texture of the brick can vary from smooth, light and heavy so make sure you identify the texture of the existing property bricks and match.

Here are some ways you can find a successful brick match.

New bricks can be used to match your existing building. This can be a cheaper option than others and are manufactured to meet the standards. Brick tinting is a technique used to help blend in bricks with the original structure.

Sourcing reclaimed bricks could be a good option to find a brick match. This is a common way to find a match in listed buildings or older properties. Reclaimed bricks also have minimal impact on the environment. Make sure you find a reclaimed brick supplier that is reputable as the bricks should be tested before using.

On a recent extension project our aim was to remain faithful to the buildings origins as the property had a long heritage. This meant outstanding brick matching was vital. The extension needed to look in keeping with the period charm of the property. You can take a look here.

Have you recently had an extension? Do you have any tips for matching bricks? Post in comments.

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