The Strongest Composite Doors in the UK

The Strongest Composite Doors in the UK | Endurance Doors

When it comes to selecting the material you want for your doors, it is important to know what is available and what the features and benefits are. Composite doors are by far the strongest and most robust door design available on the current market, outclassing their uPVC, timber and aluminium counterparts.

Composite literally means ‘made up of several parts.’ The composite doors that Endurance Doors create utilise a selection of materials including a solid timber core, glass reinforced plastic and uPVC to name a few. Each material has been carefully selected for its specific properties and expertly crafted into a winning profile.

Combining these materials together results in a composite door that is the best composite door on the market and counteracts all of the issues that single-material doors suffer from. Endurance doors create aesthetically pleasing and high performance composite doors that perform time and time again.

Traditional timber doors have been known to suffer with issues such as rotting, discolouration and fading. uPVC doors are hardier in terms of design but are prone to warping and contracting. Aluminium is a lightweight and flexible material that is an excellent door material however the composite door combines all of the best elements from each and fuses it into one product.

When selecting a composite door for your home you will want peace of mind about the security, safety and durability. However, you should never have to compromise on form over function which is why with Endurance doors you will be investing in a composite door that is not only high performance but looks good too!

With three ranges to choose from including the Classic Collection, Urban Collection and Country Collection, you are sure to find a style and design that best suits you. With a large array of colours and finishes to select from as well as hardware and accessories, you can create a unique composite door that is bespoke to your home.

Endurance is renowned for providing a flawless composite door product that ticks all of the boxes. A front door should protect your home from the outside world yet give the best possible first impression of your property. This balance is found throughout the Endurance doors range, providing you with a whole host of options and choices to choose from.

You can find composite doors prices fitted with the clever composite door cost calculator.

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