Things to consider when planning a bedroom balcony

Things to consider when planning a bedroom balcony

Would you love a bedroom balcony? Balconies are becoming a popular house feature choice. A carefully designed bedroom balcony can completely transform the internal and external of your home. It can add style to your bedroom and enhance the property curb appeal. It can make your bedroom appear bigger due to the increase of natural light. A balcony is great if you have views that you would like to wake up to. We have put together some things to consider when you are planning a bedroom balcony.

Decide on the balcony size

It is important to decide your preferred balcony size and if you would like a Juliet or full balcony. Clarify why you would like a bedroom balcony to ensure the balcony meets your requirements. You may like a balcony for added natural light, style, to enjoy the view or for relaxing on. Also take into consideration the size of your home and make sure the balcony will be in proportion with the rest of the property. Keep in mind the bigger your balcony is the more support it will need.

Choose the balcony style and materials

Take into consideration the existing house design and make sure the balcony style compliments the property. Also consider the age of the house when choosing a suitable material. There are many material and style options to choose from depending on your requirements. The balcony railings are an important factor to consider when planning a bedroom balcony. The railings will be used to keep the balcony safe and will make an impact on the house style.

Planning permission

Planning permission may be required to build a balcony. Check with your local planning officer before carrying out any work. Juliet balconies are usually considered a permitted development. It depends on a number of factors such as if the balcony will affect the neighbour’s privacy.

Hire a professional

Finally you should hire a professional to build your bedroom balcony. Good recommendations are often the best indicator of a quality tradesman so ask your friends and family. Talk to their previous clients and take a look at their previous work before making your decision. You can discuss your balcony requirements with them and they can advise you on any potential issues that may arise.

Have you recently built a bedroom balcony? Have you got any tips? Post in the comments below.

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