Tips when styling your house

Tips when styling your house

Are you in the process of styling your house? There are a few things we ask our clients to consider during the property styling process. We have put together some design tips to help you achieve your dream interior look.

Consider room lighting

A variety of lighting can add style and personality to your interior. This could include a recessed ceiling light, pendant lights, a chandelier or wall sconces. Decorative lighting can attract the eye and make a focal point in a room. Focusing layers of light in different directions and locations can be more beneficial than one big light.

Consider the size of your furniture and décor

You can add personality and character to your rooms with artwork, photos and wall décor. Hang one large piece if you would like to create an eye catching feature. Try to stick to a theme when choosing furniture or decor. Keep in mind size does matter when it comes to furniture and décor.

Consider any patterns

Prints and patterns are a great way to add character to the space. This could be a feature wall with patterned wallpaper. You could also add pattern with room accessories such as cushions. Keep in mind less is more when styling your house.

Consider textures

Different textures and soft furnishings soften the style of the room. It can also add interest and can attract the eye in a room.

Grouping objects

You can also make a focal point grouping similar objects together. This could be a group of vases, candles or bottles. Remember too many objects can make the space feel cluttered and cramped so try not to have too many decorative accents.

Consider colours

Light and neutral colours will brighten and open the space up. It also instantly makes the area appear airy and fresh. Remember the walls don’t have to be white; it could be a light shade of grey or beige for example. A semi-gloss paint will allow the light to reflect and bounce off the walls to brighten the area. Take into consideration accent colours and choose shades that complement the theme of the room. Add a contrast colour to create a focal point in a room.


Try to keep your rooms clear, this will make the space feel and appear bigger when it is clutter free. Make sure you have good storage so keeping your house tidy is easier.

Have you styled your house? Have you got any tips? Post in the comments below.

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