What do I need before finding a builder for my house extension?

What do I need before finding a builder for my house extension?

If you do not have any plans or approved planning permission for your extension, K Design and Build can help you throughout the process. You do not need a specific design for your house extension before finding a builder like us but it can make the process smoother if you decide what the purpose for your extension is. You may like to extend your kitchen, create a new entertaining area, children’s room or another bedroom. Make a list of what features are important to you to help you achieve the best result. Before you put the plans together ask your builder to evaluate your requirements and advise you on any potential problems that could arise. Builders can discuss your extension choices and could provide design ideas. Here are some important points to consider before designing your extension and finding a builder:

Work out your budget.

Setting a budget for your extension is vital to ensure your plans are realistic and achievable. Accurately work out your costs before designing your project to ensure your choices are within your price range. Discuss your budget with your builder, they can help you plan the project approach to suit you and make the most of your budget. The builder can provide the most cost effective ideas and broaden your views on what’s achievable within your budget. Make sure you include a 10%/15% contingency of your overall budget.

Location of the extension.

One of the main decisions to be made is where you would like to extend. Remember to consider the landscaping and exterior of your house. If you are unsure your architect or builder can help you decide your options and which one is the best for your requirements, location and surroundings.

Size of the extension.

The size of your extension will vary depending on a number of things; the space available, planning permission and budget. Decide if the extension is going to be single, two or even three storey. Consider the outdoor space you have, your current garden and what garden space you require.

K Design and Build are happy to discuss your project, we can help you design and plan your extension.

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