What is a Self-Build?

What is a Self-Build?

A self-build is a bespoke property that is custom designed and built for your lifestyle requirements, preferred style and within your budget. You can plan the project to suit your needs and choose how involved you would like to be which gives you flexibility during the process.

Anyone can become a self-builder; you may be building a property to sell on, have a growing family or creating a retirement home. You can plan and build a unique house which is your choice of location, size, efficiency and finishes. There is a vast range of building routes and different construction methods to consider. You can also construct a house within your budget without compromising on the quality of the design and build.

Self-builders can be as involved in the project as they wish; whether it is creating the design, financing, planning the build or building the house. It is important to clarify what role you would like to take during the project and appoint a professional team if necessary. Decide if you would like to project manage the build and oversee the project.

The timescale of an average self-build can differ depending on the designing, planning, financing and build process. Some construction methods take longer to build than others so it is important you clarify which option works best with your project.

Self-build benefits and challenges


  • You can design a house for your lifestyle and your needs
  • You will know exactly how your property was built
  • You can choose a preferred location
  • You can create a high quality house within your budget


  • It is important to be flexible during the build process
  • Be prepared for the build to overrun the schedule and budget
  • Planning permission can take time and issues could arise if you haven’t researched what is permitted in the location

What’s next?

Here are a few points to help you organise your self-build:

  • Work out your budget
  • Secure your finance
  • Find a location and a plot of land
  • Research the location and ensure you can get planning permission for your build
  • Purchase your plot of land
  • Establish a preferred design
  • Find an architect and professional team if necessary
  • Work out approximate build costs
  • Apply for planning permission
  • Check the building regulations and apply for approval
  • Ensure the correct insurance is in place
  • Work out an estimated timescale and set a start date

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