What to ask your potential custom home builder

What to ask your potential custom home builder

Building your dream home is a huge investment and commitment. Choosing a builder is a vital step to a successful build. Below are some of the questions you may need to ask your potential custom home builder to help you choose the most suitable builder for your project.

Is your experience relevant to my project?

You should ask the potential builder if they have prior experience in the project you are planning. Builders specialise in different types of projects and styles so it’s important to clarify what work they carry out. You should ask how long your potential builder has worked in your area. It can make a big difference to your project if they are familiar with the area. This is because they will have an understanding of the community and a better knowledge of any potential challenges e.g. planning applications.

Can you provide references and do you have previous projects for us to view?

It is important to ask for references to gain an unbiased account of past clients experiences with the builder. Remember there should be no hesitation from the builder when providing you with the references. Arrange a visit to a completed project to view the builder’s craftsmanship and gain some knowledge into how the company works. You will find it beneficial if the project is in a similar price range and design to what you would like. Make sure you meet the homeowner and discuss their experience with the builder. This is a chance for you to get a feel for the company and if their portfolio consists of the type of work you are looking for. It will give you an indication of what experience they have and if they are the right fit for the project.

How do you monitor and communicate during the build?

It is important to clarify how the builder monitors the construction of your home. Open communication during the build is crucial to a successful project. Make sure you know how often you will expect project updates and what the best method of communication is. Builders should never leave you in the dark and you should always be kept informed on the build progress.

Who will be my point of contact and oversee the build?

It is important to find out how the project will be managed during construction and how often the potential builder will be onsite. It is important to clarify how the team works together and if there is a manager overseeing and running the site. Find out if the potential builder has employees or subcontracts. Check that any subcontractors carrying out work on your project are insured. It is helpful to find out who hires the subcontractors and how long they have worked with the builder to give you an insight on how the team works.

Can we discuss my budget?

You should discuss your budget with your potential builder to make sure they can build within your budget. Communication between you and your builder is vital to make sure you do not exceed your budget. Remember the lowest quote is not always the best builder to choose.

Do you hold up to date insurance?

Every reputable builder should hold an insurance policy that protects both parties. Ask for a copy of your builder’s insurance certificate and policy. Make sure you read the documents carefully and don’t be scared to ask questions. Homeowners should be assured that the company undertaking work on their property can be trusted.

How do you ensure a quality build and do you offer a warranty?

Make sure you know who is checking the quality of the work and how often they will be monitoring it. It can be difficult for homeowners to monitor the quality of the project if they don’t have construction knowledge. Ask about your builder’s complaints procedure so you are aware of what happens if you’re not satisfied with the quality. A reputable builder will have a warranty for any work carried out. It is important to clarify what warranty is offered to the customer and what the builder’s policy is if any issues do arise.

Do you provide a written quote?

Finally, you should always receive a written quote with the details of the project included before any work is carried out. A project schedule and a clearly written contract to read should be agreed and signed. You should not feel pressured to sign any documents and it is important to read all documents carefully before signing.

These are just some of the questions you may need to ask your potential builder. What questions would you add to the list?

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