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Why choose natural stone | Pisani Wholesale

When you chose to use natural stone as a material in your home or business you are choosing something truly unique. Stone as a material gains its beauty through natural forces, so the colour and veining will always be completely unique and personal to you and your project.

You can choose from hundreds of colours within natures Granite, Marble, Limestone, Quartzite Onyx and Engineered Quartz offering. You can also create different looks with a range of different finishes including Polished, Honed, Leathered or Lusso finish. These finishes are achieved using in-house surface finishing machines and various types of diamond tipped blocks and brushes.

Here at Pisani we offer all four finishes, all of which bringing stone to life in its own unique way:

  • A polished finish leaves a high shine, glossy look that reflects lights. Polished is the most durable and easiest finish to maintain.
  • A honed finish provides a matt effect. This smooth surface has a slight shine but doesn’t reflect the light like a polished finish.
  • Leathered finishes are a smooth but textured surface, which creates a more natural look and is currently very much on-trend.
  • A Lusso finish is a leathered finish, with the raised parts then polished to create a 3D effect.

Along with being eye-catching, natural stone is also incredibly durable and will withstand the test of time with little maintenance, whatever finish you choose, making it a sustainable material.

So why Pisani? We have worked on some spectacular projects in the past, including the Scottish Parliament and Lilly Square in London. We have also been commissioned for projects in private residences, so we have experience with large and small projects and a huge passion for working with and using natural stone.

We keep an eclectic range of full slab material in stock within the UK, as well as working with our partners on numerous prestige cut to size projects throughout London and the rest of the UK.

Whatever your project calls for, large or small, we are certain that Pisani Wholesale can fulfil your needs.

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  • Sophie

    Stone can definitely work in a number of different homes! I personally think it adds a very sophisticated edge and I love the idea that it is personal and unique. It might also work with the renovation of historic or listed buildings if you need to carry out a repair and keep the material as stone.

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