Why our clients are choosing bi-fold doors

Why our clients are choosing bi-fold doors

Are you wondering whether to open your house up with bi-fold doors? Are you using your back garden or patio for entertaining? Wouldn’t it be great to open up the entire wall of your house, turning your kitchen or dining room into one big Al fresco entertainment area, merged with the patio? Bi-fold doors are a great choice whether you’re renovating, building or doing internal modifications. With so many products and choices on the market now, it’s an option which is open to many homeowners. Here’s why our clients are choosing bi-fold doors.

Maximise light and space

Homeowners can transform the house by allowing more natural light into a room to create the illusion of space. Bi-fold doors are a great way to let the natural light in when the doors are open or closed. Bi-fold doors can be extremely compact when opened which saves living space and integrates your garden with your house. Bi-fold doors still offer privacy like a standard window or door but maximises light. Your access is not interfered with and views are not interrupted.

Aesthetically pleasing

By installing bi-fold doors you can create a modern contemporary look with a versatile design. There are a variety of bi-fold door design options to consider suiting your property style. Decide if you would like the bi-fold doors to be a focal point or if you would prefer the doors to blend into the space. Either way they transform the house and look great in any type of property.

Flexible and low maintenance

By installing bi-fold doors you can completely open the area and have the option to customise. Bi fold doors are designed to be fully opened or used in sections so you can choose how you want to use them, depending on weather, light or circumstance. This can give you more flexibility compared to a normal or sliding door. There is minimal maintenance needed to keep your bi-fold doors clean which makes it a desirable choice.


Another reason why bi-fold doors are a popular choice is the level of security they can provide. They usually have multiple locking points along the door which gives secure access with a slim design.

Provide insulation

Finally, bi-fold doors can provide added insulation which will help keep the room warmer in the winter months and stay cooler in the summer. They can be customised depending on where and what you would like them for.

Bi-fold doors allow you to turn your garden into living space – or your living space into garden! Have you recently installed bi-fold doors? Post in the comments below.

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