Consultation Appointments & quote charges

We are finding that we are occasionally being used for quote comparisons. We value our time spent with our clients and so we offer this deal.

We will give the first 30-45 min appointment period for free, additional consultations will be charged at £25 + Vat per hour to be charged by the half hour. Our quotation charges are £25 + Vat per hour and most comprehensive quotes take approx. 3 – 4 hours on average.

This is dependent on drawing details, steel engineering details & client itinerary details. The more detail we have the more comprehensive the quote will be and the less amount of time will be required.

These charges are non-negotiable. If we are to be the chosen contractor then K design & build Ltd agree to credit the total cost of the time spent through appointments and quoting.

We feel giving back is fair in the agreement of commencement of the work & signing of contract provided.

Example: 4hrs appointment time:(£100 + vat)+ 4hrs quoting time (£100+vat) = £240.00
Quote total: £100’240.00
If you commence the work with the signing of contract the total cost will then be: £100’000.00

If you do not proceed with K design & build Ltd, then this money will be invoiced with our standard payment terms.

The quotation provided will be a fully comprehensive quote based on the building drawings, steel engineer’s details & you’re itinerary.

It will include:

  • Introduction letter
  • Fully detailed quote
  • Client’s summary of all sections of the build
  • Work Schedule
  • Payment Schedule
  • Full contract
  • Plus any other addition information we can offer or include relative to your job.

Download KDB: Agreement confirmation of consultation appointment & quote charges and fill it up and send via email – or on our address – 8 Libra Crescent, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 1EL