Large build projects

img1Extensions: These pictures show the externals of a large extension project we worked on. From getting the extension out of the ground to tiling the roof took just two months. One challenge we enjoyed was making the necessary technical adjustments to fit a staircase. This extension was used to transform a two-bed bungalow: along with a loft conversion (which we also did), it added one bedroom and a garage. You can see what a difference the space will make.

Modernisations: This large job gave the house a complete facelift. The client told us what he wanted to achieve, and we were pleased to do everything within time and budget. This included stripping the house back to bare walls and taking both bathrooms out before replastering and redecorating throughout. We created a bathroom out of a bare room, including fitting a suite and tiling the entire room. We fitted new skirting, fitted plug sockets and put in a new lighting system. The central heating system was redone and new radiators were put in throughout. The kitchen was resigned and modernised. Finally, the entire ground floor was laid with a solid oak floor.

Loft conversions: This house in Guildford had a standard loft space and the owners wanted to utilise it to gain more space. Karl was asked to create two new bedrooms and a further bathroom in the loft. He was instructed to do all the required timberwork, which included taking out the initial supports, reinforcing the floor with larger joists and strengthening the roof with bigger rafters. He then cut two dormer windows into the front of the house (for the master bedroom and stairwell) and three dormers to the rear (for the master bedroom, second bedroom and bathroom).

3 ways to transform your home

Karl’s advice for building projects which save you the cost of moving:

1) An extension to the side of the property. This could be either single or double storey, adding extra living space, a study, an extra bedroom or a master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room combination.

2) A loft conversion. Many people are living with untapped potential for extra space right over their heads. Convert your unused loft space and create masses of extra space for bedrooms, a kids’ play area, an office or space for teenagers to call their own.

3) Modernisation of existing living space. There’s so much that can be done by modifying the internals of a house, moving partition walls to open space up and rearrange the design of the house. You can almost create a brand-new house, without having to move.

For more images of our larger projects, you’re welcome to look around our gallery of work. If you’ve got any queries, please get in touch