Small build projects

KITCHENKitchens: This kitchen was outdated and run-down, with an old electrics system and poor use of space.We were able to advise on a design which would transform the room. We gutted the kitchen, taking it back to bare walls, and took the floor up, before relaying it. Our electrical expert redesigned the room’s electrics, relocating lighting, sockets and underfloor heating. Karl helped the customer source the exact appliances she wanted. New lighting was put into the ceiling (which was skimmed flat with new coving put around the outside). The walls were made good before being redecorated. On Karl’s advice, the appliances were integrated and the boiler was boxed in for a neat and clean look. A lovely ceramic sink was put in before the room was tiled in black and white contrast tiles.

Bathrooms: These pictures img3illustrate a complete redesign to a very small ensuite bathroom. The original bathroom was outdated, cold and made poor use of limited space. We relocated the plumbing and waste pipes (a massive task which involved replumbing the waste system of all three bathrooms) before working on the bathroom design. The client wanted a unique look: Karl made clever use of mirrors to bounce light around the room, making the space look larger. He installed a custom shower unit in a tight space, including a hand-built frame and beautiful shower glass. Hundreds of glass mosaic tiles were painstakingly laid in a precise brick-pattern, giving Karl the opportunity to showcase his patience and precision. The finish was perfect, despite natural uncalibrated slate tile also being used. Mirrors were set into the wall, flush with the tiles. Underfloor heating completed the design and installation of this stunning new bathroom.

img4Carpentry: These pictures show a feature truss Karl built on site only using hand and portable power tools. It was an extremely unusual project: usually trusses are prebuilt in a joinery shop and delivered to site but in this case Karl had to built them on site. You can see the detail of the particular kinds of joints he created to hold the trusses in place as well as the finished article. We can cater for (and build) specialist parts for all kinds of roofing. Karl’s superior carpentry skills lend themselves to larger carpentry jobs, like a traditionally cut roof, or smaller projects such as internal doors, linings, skirting, laminate floors, renewed or repaired stairs and stud partitions.

For more images of our smaller projects, you’re welcome to look around our gallery of work. If you’ve got any queries, please get in touch.

3 ways to add value to your house

Karl’s advice for small projects which make a big difference:

1) Refurbishment of kitchen or bathroom can make your house look and feel like new, and add a huge amount to the value of the property. And, if you’re not moving, you’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of living there than you did previously.

2) External work such as front or rear porch or a side garage. Not only will this add valuable extra space but it will improve and update the look of your property on the approach, making it look like new every time you come home.

3) A special feature in the garden like a shed, chalet or summer house (or even a tree house for the kids). This might seem like a treat but you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.