A lot of pressure…but I enjoy a challenge!

Project: Roof conversion to rear of garage

One of my more memorable experiences as a carpenter was when I had to build trusses from scratch (including all the mortice and tennons). This all had to be done by hand or portable power tools. These trusses were not just straightforward though – they functioned as features in the roof space. They also acted as a technical element of the roof (one side being a hip and the other a valley) and were used to change the direction of the roof.

Because the trusses weren’t the same size as the standard roof pitch, the difficulty of the project increased by 70%. This is no over-exaggeration: this kind of job demands precise measurements and leaves no room for error.

Each truss was ordered specifically and there were limited pieces to work with. One mistake would ruin all one (or more) trusses. Yes, it was a lot of pressure but I love a challenge! I put together all three trusses, two of which acted as hips and valleys and one of which was an inline. The final result looked fantastic.

Karl Nicholson, Director, Ascot, Berkshire
K Design and Build, Ascot, Berkshire