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'Material shortages dampening small builders’ recovery' - Not at KDB they're Not!

While workloads, activity & enquiries remain strong, the skyrocketing price of nearly all building materials continues to hold back construction’s economic recovery and is disproportionately impacting on the industry’s smallest firms, following the release of today’s construction PMI data.

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders, said: “Rising material prices are continuing to limit the ability of local builders to build back better from the pandemic. It’s incredibly worrying to hear that the overall rate of input price inflation was the highest on record. This is consistent with FMB State of Trade data that shows 93% of builders reported material price increases in Q1 of this year. Against the backdrop of high levels of inquiries for building work, it’s imperative that smaller businesses have the same access to materials as the larger firms during these difficult times.”

While a large number of the smaller building firms are struggling to fulfil their demand, Here at KDB, we have built up over the years, strong relationships with our suppliers and have put steps in place to try and minimise disruption and delays where possible.

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