Modernisations can transform your home from an outdated, uncomfortable or even unsafe property into a domestic dwelling you’ll be proud to show off to guests. Perhaps you’ve recently bought a run-down property, acquired a home through auction or it’s simply a case of having lived in your house for decades. Now’s the time to modernise. You’ll be amazed at what house modernisations can achieve. 

A good local builder like the builders at K Design and Build will assess your property free of charge and give you great advice based on their knowledge and experience of domestic modernisations. They’ll be able to suggest which areas of the house will benefit most from modernisation, taking into account budget and how you and your family use the home. For instance, whilst some people would get the most value from an updated bathroom, others may find it most useful to modernise the kitchen or utility room. 

Here are just some of the ways in which house modernisations can transform the way you feel about your home: 

– extra living space

– more user-friendly bathrooms and kitchens

– more storage space

– ensuite bathrooms, wet rooms, downstairs toilet

– added value to your home

– a special room you’ve always wanted such as games room, reading room or music room 

We’ve even put in a home cinema for one client. Now that really is a modernisation! However, domestic modernisations don’t have to be as high-end as all that. They can be simple, cost-effective and straightforward. Even so, they will still transform the way you use your home and the way you feel about it. It will be almost like having a new home – but without having to move.