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Preparing for Future Homes Standard


Building Regulations 2022 Changes

Why are there more changes to the building regs?

It all comes down to sustainability and protecting our planet by ensuring we are all Making Better Homes

Key Changes - New Builds

New regulations that came into effect on 15th June 2022.

K Design and build's goal is to achieve net zero carbon buildings by 2050


Insulation in cavity walls, below ground level and between ceiling rafters and floor insulation now needs to have a minimum thickness of 150mm.

Previously, this was 100mm.

Insulation New Builds

Floor insulation has a minimum thickness of 100mm (previously 75mm) -
Horizontal ceiling insulation has a minimum thickness of 300mm (previously 270mm) -

Insulation in a sloping ceiling is 150mm between rafters and 30mm underneath


One of the best ways to pass the SAP10 measures and ensure compliance with Part L and even the Future Homes Standard is to make use of solar PV on both new build and existing properties.

Waste Water Heat Recovery

Waste Water Heat Recovery systems are recommended to be used in all new builds.

This is a big step forward for saving  money on heating bills. 

Improving ventilation

Making sure there’s sufficient ventilation in a property is an important part of sustainable building and creating energy efficient homes, but it’s also crucial for improving wellbeing for end users.

There must be an adequate level of extract ventilation from wet rooms.

Preventing Overheating

With all of these efficient changes being made to the design and development of our homes. They are going to cosier than ever. However, it is important that they are not overheating. 

This requires that each of the rooms in a home needs to be evaluated in terms of the risk of overheating.

View the full Jewson 2022 Building Regs PDF here:

Wood Panel

Timeline for Change

Jewsons Building Regulation Changes 2022
UKGP Green Projects, Green roofing, Green Construction
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Green Energy Turbines

Our eco-friendly future

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Introducing UK Green Projects, our  new eco-friendly construction, roofing, and energy company that aims to be sustainable in all aspects of its operations.

Formed by two leading businesses, K Design and Build and JPA Roofing & Leadwork. Our goal is to provide environmentally conscious solutions to our clients, using sustainable materials and implementing energy-efficient practices.

With a team of experienced professionals, UK Green Projects is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable building practices. With its focus on creating sustainable solutions, UK Green Projects is poised to be a leader in the green construction industry.

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Click here to take a look at our website.

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