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Chalet Bungalow Extension in Wokingham

This already stunning family home has been transformed into a complete stylish modern property. What started out as a chalet bungalow, this project required the roof to be removed and the top floor to be completely redesigned. Unfortunately, the timelines on this project were incredibly tight due to the fact the family were expecting a new baby in the coming months, with that in mind, the agreed timelines led us to work under pressure throughout the project to accurately complete the task in hand.


The situation went back before forward as the integrity of the property was compromised and so this required the likes of new concrete pad works in various areas downstairs where point loads had been noted and existing foundations were not suitable. Once all over come we managed to set the super steel structure which was to be the main strength of the new supports, this created the vaulted design that the clients were looking for. The complexity to get this right was high, however we managed to survey the set up well and all was installed as per designed without compromise.


Once the main structure was in place came the mammoth task of the timber roof infill to create what we like to call the 3 peaks of Barkham, you’ll see what we mean from the pictures below. We’ve also added a before and after shot to show you the complete transformation and please take a look at the walkthrough video to give you an idea of the quality of the finish. Through the project there were a few other areas to overcome, however these were tackled in our stride on the way to getting the works fully completed along with the clean fresh look of the new rendering to finish off the wow house of Barkham Road.


Just to add the last finishes touches, The driveway got a little revamp to make parking throughout and wheelchair access seamless to the front door, along with a good overall tidy up externally and out closed the project off for the drivers by to appreciate.

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